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Incentive Tours

There are many ways for companies to reach their overall objective to increase profits. In order to increase their sales volume, they have to motivate their sales network and to induce distributors to purchase their products. They have to use some incentive tools. Incentive awards can be cash, merchandise or travel.

Experience proves that an incentive travel program is an effective, powerful way to harness the untapped resources of human energy. Corporations today realize that one of the best incentive rewards offered to their employees or clients is travel. Travel awards often include perks for the spouse as well, which in turn generates a supportive home environment.

Incentive Tours:
   • Increase overall sales volume
   • Improve morale
   • Sell new accounts
   • Offset competition
   • Push a single product
   • Assist in sales training
   • Increase share of markets
   • Introduce a new product
   • Push slow products
   • Improve quality control
   • Obtain early orders
   • Reduce employee absentism

Travel is the favorite incentive award, it has instant glamour and allows high achievers to enjoy travel experiences which they would not expect in the normal course of their lives. But it is important that the incentive tour can not be "a typical tourist trip". It must be an exceptional, exciting one, to cover unknown and unusual places with memories that last forever.

Recently Turkey has become a very popular destination for incentive travel groups since she offers a completely different environment for memorable tours with her impressive, breathtaking landscape, the unusual friendliness of her people, and amazing historical heritage.

Turkey remains unmatched in the vast wealth of artistic treasures, cultural events and gastronomic pleasures offered.

FEST TRAVEL can bring the most creative, unusual programs within a set budget. Creativity is our label.
Just to mention some examples, we may offer you the following services:

• Meeting at the airport with folklore dance groups dressed in colorful folk costume, together with flowers and lokum, known also as Turkish Delight, or with a welcome kit placed in an heybe, the authentic hand-woven bag, or with local welcome gifts.
• A special janissary band in their original 16th century uniforms may greet the group at the airport or perform a concert in a medieval castle or 1001 nights with a special oriental splendor.
• Fashion shows.
• There could also be dinner while cruising on Bosphorus, exciting excursions, theme parties or outdoor activities including Gala dinners in a Byzantine underground cistern, or in an Ottoman palace, or in a sultan's lodge, or in a museum with musicians, or amidst local street peddlers in a historical atmosphere.
• Even more entertainment is available in the form of music pavilion evenings; Turkish bath parties together with a buffet and a belly dancer.
• Or for more direct experience with the local life style, gastronomic home parties, or Turkish home parties or even experiences of an Anatolian village life.
• And if you prefer more and more adventurous experience there is always a Jeep Safari, or Surfing, Rafting a “treasure hunt” in İstanbul or special parties on the beach or at a farm.

There is no limit to imagination and creativity. We are small enough to give a personal touch and yet big enough to handle plenty…more than even you can imagine…

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