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FEST in Media

Turkey FAM

Fest Travel is offering an Enchanting Turkey FAM Nov. 22 through Dec. 4. Agents will arrive in Istanbul and take a connecting flight to Ankara. On day two, participants will be taken on a city tour of Ankara, where they will visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Haci Bayram Mosque, Ankara Castle and more. The journey also includes visits to Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Troy and other stops. 

 Detail...  8/19/2009
Turkey’s Tourism on the Rise

While many destinations have experienced a tourism decline during the current economic climate, Turkey recently reported that it saw a 2.4 percent increase in U.S. travelers from January to April 2009 when compared to that same period in 2008. With that in mind, Turkey is adding to its tourism infrastructure with the development of new hotels, air service and tours.

Recommend Weekly  8/5/2009  Adria Valdes
Sightseeing Ottoman’s Istanbul

Ottomans created a metropolis waging a vital struggle with an adorable passion for Istanbul, the most crowded and prosperous metropolitan, to provide its existence comprehending the silence of the city.

In Istanbul magazine  8/1/2009  Dr. Deniz Esemenli
With Turkey a Popular Destination, Fest Travel Opens USA Office in N.J.

Fest Travel, Turkey’s specialist in cultural tours both inbound and outbound, has opened its new office in Rutherford, N.J., to be able to serve clients better.

Fest Travel has operated with a full license “A group, No: 1410” of the ministry of Tourism since 1985. Fest is a member of the Association of Travel Agencies of Turkey (TURSAB), American Society of Travel Agencies (ASTA), International Bureau of Social Tourism (BITS) and works under the supervision of both TURSAB and the Ministry of Tourism in Turkey.

 Detail...  7/22/2009  The Travel World News
A Trip to Yeşilköy

On a Sunday, if you attend one of the cultural tours Fest Travel organizes, you would be able to have the chance to lose yourself in this old Istanbul neighborhood’s rich history.

Our well known writer Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil, is known as the name father of Yeşilköy which was known as the Ayastefanos in the old times. Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil was born in Istanbul on 1866 but his childhood and early youth were spent in Izmir. His family had returned to Istanbul, and lived in Buyukada and afterwards with the requests of a family friend who was also the owner of the Serveti Funun magazine Ahmet Ihsan Tokgoz, they have moved to Yeşilköy and remained in this neighborhood until the end of his days and tied to this nice waterfront community with all of his heart. This commitment reflected itself frequently  in his novel “Forty Years”.

 Detail...  7/1/2009  Turgay Tuna
Around the World with Travel Guru Faruk Pekin

As a student at Robert College in the 60s, Faruk Pekin RC Eng 69, liked nothing better than to spend his weekends roaming the ruins of Old Istanbul with now-legendary, erudite professors like Hillary Sumner-Boyd, Godfrey Goodwin and John Freely. “That’s how my interest in architecture and art history began,” he says. “Istanbul is my first love. We spent most weekends exploring a different part of the city.”

RC Quarterly  1/1/2009  RC Quaterly
Take a stroll through İstanbul with FEST Travel

FEST Travel, an organization which has been putting together daily cultural strolls in İstanbul for interested Turkish residents of İstanbul for almost 20 years, has now decided to make these tours available to foreign “culture vultures” residing in İstanbul.

Out of its 90 itineraries, FEST Travel has chosen the most popular four walking tours to market to foreigners.

FEST Tr Detail...
Today's Zaman  1/4/2008  
Alternative exploration routes for Sultanahmet...

Art historian Hayri Fehmi Yılmaz has prepared three alternative routes for you to explore Sultanahmet and its surrounding on foot. Have a good tour...

In fact most people know little about the city in which they live. Particularly when it is a city like Istanbul, you need to spend some special effort to know it. This is because a structure or a wall that you pass by every day and do not notic Detail...
In Istanbul Magazine  1/1/2008  
Istanbul can be toured ninety times, in ninety different tours!

To love a city, first you need to know and feel it. To know it, you need to go around and gather information. We interviewed Faruk Pekin, the founder of Fest Travel, who has made both Istanbulites and people from all over the world love this city for twenty-two years.

Faruk Pekin is the founder of Fest Travel. He is a cultural tour specialist, art historian, traveler and writer who has realiz Detail...
In Istanbul Magazine  1/1/2008  
Journey to the colorful world of action and abundance: Inns and bazaars

Inns and bazaars are perhaps the buildings that resist changing most in Istanbul. While this city is transforming in a fast pace, these structures remain the same. They also keep the door of the world of surprises open to both Istanbulites and foreigners all the time.

Istanbul is as much the city of action and abundance as it is the city of history and culture. At every step you take, you li Detail...
In Istanbul Magazine  1/1/2008  
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